KATATONIC SILENTIO is the latest solo moniker of Mariachiara Troianiello.
She is a Milan-based sound artist, live performer and independent researcher in sonic & performing arts and media studies.
Graduated in Public Relations And Corporate Communication with the thesis in Radio Communication: “Radio Between Underground And Mainstream: Ethnographic Analysis Of Musical Programming”. Graduated in Electronic Music Production and Sound Design For Performing Arts.

Active as a DJ since 2006 with several projects, Mariachiara has been exploring the fields of experimental and electronic music with a unique approach to sound design, releasing several EPs and LPs and performing in many national and international festivals, theaters and venues.
In 2019 she releases her first solo EP Emotional Gun. In 2020 she joins the Bristol-based label and collective Bristol NormCore, on which she releases Prisoner Of The Self LP. In 2021 she joins Munich-based label Ilian Tape with the EP Tabula Rasa. Other original productions and remixes can be found on Gang Of Ducks, Youth, Euphonic Rhythms, ArteTetra, Communion, Haunter Records, Biodiversità Records, Beat Machine Records, Mother's Finest, One Instrument and others.

She has a residency on the Frankfurt-based EOS Radio and a residency on Radio Raheem - the Milanese radio station based in La Triennale Museum - for which she curates Expanded Radio Research Unit: an independent radio art platform for innovative works at the intersection of music, spoken word, performance and sound to challenge the limits of broadcasting; a laboratory which considers radio as an art form and a practice of experimentation and creation of multiple sonic possibilities and imaginary spaces. The aim is also to interconnect different cultural and spatial spheres and to explore the techno-sociological nature of radio, alongside its heterogeneous practices of artistic production.

In addition to pursuing a career as a DJ and specializing in music production techniques and sound design, Mariachiara is also active as an independent researcher: her practices converge halfway between sound and performing arts, new technologies, media studies and body studies, with a focus on the fields of radio art, sound design applied to performing and digital arts, sonifications and installations. Her keen curiosity for cultural studies, combined with a strong passion for music, led her to approach the world of sounds with a sociological and anthropological eye, viewing it as a critical device and indicator of society and its changes – as demonstrated with her Bachelor thesis in Radio Communication: “Radio Between Underground And Mainstream: Ethnographic Analysis Of Musical Programming”.