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ANONIMA/LUCI is light-art project curated by Stefania Kalogeropoulos and Alberto Saggia. Together with Milan based sound artist Katatonic Silentio, they research and develop experimental projects and installations.

A spontaneous collaboration that took shape from a shared vision of sensory amplification. A link between image and sound leading to total immersion and complete abandon within the performance.

Space and architecture completely transformed by light, laser sources that define new dimension, upsetting traditional perception and completing the space naturally and logically. Sound also plays a fundamental role, taking the space to a higher level and recreating a dynamic system continuously evolving and communicating. The space communicates and transforms itself through sound inputs, in turn generating luminous and scenographic variations.


Echo~Sistema is a site-specific audio/video installation designed for the reopening of the Cavallerizza Reale in Turin conceived and realized by Anonima/Luci and Katatonic Silentio for Paratissima Torino. 

Through the installation of 194 laser sources with custom-made circuits, the environment is redesigned, enhancing some of its characteristics and completing it with geometric and essential elements that refer to a higher, intangible, but strongly present level: the virtual one. A virtuality available to the naked eye in which to find oneself totally immersed, with the usual perception of a completely altered environment. In this new representation, the sound component plays a fundamental role, taking the space to the next level and recreating a dynamic system in continuous evolution and with a strong communicative character: each environment, in fact, provides the people who inhabit it and pass through it with sensorial stimuli, not only visual but also sound, which contribute to further defining its identity. In the process of recreating the sound environment inside the Great Hall of the Manica del Mosca, the starting point was the acoustic properties of space, namely echo, refraction, absorption and reverberation. The shape of the place is absorbed in the sound, which is altered by the participation of people: the original sound trajectories are thus re-modelled and modified in relation to those who pass through the space.
In this renewed form, light and sound confront each other in a constant dialogue, manifesting themselves together in a single score and amplifying the emotional and immersive nature of the work. 


A site-specific intervention conceived and realized by Anonima/Luci and Katatonic Silentio using a matrix of 180 lasers with custom-built circuits and an outdoor sound spatialization setup. Starting from the longitudinal conformation of the building and from a sectorialization of the space due to the regular scanning in bays, we wanted to imagine a symmetrical hierarchical system starting from the centre of the space itself. The centre, where the sound performance will take place, is the generator of light and sound.

The sound performance will dialogue with the space of the Ex Lavatoio and with the 180 programmed lasers, through the use of multiple and differentiated sound sources, almost as if it were an orchestra: the individual parts are independent from each other but at the same time they contribute to the creation of a cohesive whole. The aim is to create diversification, depth and a dramaturgy of sound and light through elements of insertion and rupture, appearance and disappearance, filling and emptying and so on.

The installation is presented by the association MAGMA in collaboration with the Municipality of Cesenatico, with the aim of enhancing the historic building of the Ex Lavatoio, within the project REVIVAL: Revitalization and Reuse of the Lost Heritage in the Adriatic Landscape.



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