2021-TODAY  EOS Radio Residency - EOS Radio; Frankfurt

2021              Tutor in “Sound Design in Ableton Live 11” - SEEDJ App; Online

2019-TODAY “Expanded Radio Research Unit” Radio Residency and Curatorship - Radio Raheem & La 
                             Triennale di Milano;  Milano
2019-2020    “Merging Sounds” Radio Residency - Fango Radio; Prato

2019              “The Floaters” Artistic Residency - Santarcangelo Dei Teatri; Rimini

2018-2020    “Fikafutura” Performing Arts And Experimental Theatre Residency - New Center For Arts,
                            Culture And Research MACAO; Milano  

2018-2019     “Declinazioni” Artistic Residency On Multimedia Performance In Relation To New 
                                          Technologies In The Field Of Visual, Performing And Multimedia Arts - Studio Azzurro, 
                                Ariella Vidach AiEP, DiD Studio; Milano

2017-2019      Sound Designer - Zona9 Studio; Milano

2016-2020      Founder and Sound Designer - Doppler Studio; Milano

2015-2017      Research And Development Radio, TV & Multimedia - SCF Consorzio Fonografici; Milano


2021 Live Performance "Deriva Sonora Urbana: Una Deterritorializzazione Sonora Della Città" - MMT       
         Creative Lab / Parade Electronique 2021: Paesaggi Sonori; Teatro Arsenale; Milano. 

2021 Live Performance for BASE; Milano


2021 Live AV Sonification "Light, Please!" In Collaboration With AnonimaLuci; Borgo Delle
         Cathedral; Parma
2021 Live Performance for "Concrete Landscape", Limonaia Di Villa Strozzi, Firenze

2021 Live Performance for "Synthonia - Percorsi Sonori Transappenninici"; Monti Sibillini

2021 Live Performance for "Fluviale - By This River"; Spazio Hydro/Fondazione Pistoletto; Biella

2021 Live Performance for roBOt Festival; Bologna
2021 Live Sonification "Flashover" - Biennale di Venezia, Teatro Arsenale; Venezia

2021 Radio Work "A Po(i)etics Of The Disembodied Voice" - PARA, Radio8000; Munich

2021 Live Sonification for "Noisecapes" & "The View From Lucania" - Santa Maria De Armenis
 Church;               Matera    

2020 Live Radiophonic Performance - Radio Raheem, FOG, La Triennale di Milano Teatro; Milano    

2020 Sound Installation "State Flux" - Soft Prison, Walk In Studio; Milano
2020 Online VR Sonification on Minetest Interactive Ambient - Saturnalia Festival; Milano
2019 Live Sonification for SCUM and Dance Affliction - Macao; Milano 

2019 Live Sonification for Nike Blazer Class 77 and Slam Jam - Spazio Maiocchi; Milano 

2019 Sound Design Installation "Benjamin: Sounds Along Tram Lines" - Radio Papesse & Comune di                 Firenze; Firenze     
2019 Sound Design Installation "The Floaters" - Santarcangelo dei Teatri Festival; Santarcangelo di                   Romagna

2019 Data Sonification Live Performance - Saturnalia Festival, Macao; Milano 

2019 Sonic Interaction Design Performance "Declinazioni" - Ariella Vidach AieP, Studio Azzurro,

         DiD Studio; Milano

2019 Virtus / Changing Together: Nanotech Burka VS Climate Change – Fabbrica del Vapore; Milano

2018 Live Sonification for FKF Collective - O’Dirk Temporary Exhibition; Milano 

2017 Ars Electronica Prix / Women in Media Arts Archive – Linz

2017 BJCEM Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale – Worldwide

2017 Live Sonification Reihe Laptop Ensemble presents Constellation - SAE Institute; Milano

PANELS AND TALKS                                                                                                                                              

2021 Electronic Music And Composition - Shesaidso & roBOt Festival; Bologna

2021 Hearing Voices: A Conversation Between Katatonic Silentio and Abdullah Miniawi, moderated by               Sarah Johanna Theurer
for PARA Radio Takeover & Digital Sound Exhibition - Radio 80000; Munich

2020 Linecheck Music Meeting, Music Innovation Hub & Shesaidso present: Club As Culture - 
Inclusion,             DIversity, Unity - BASE; Milano

2020 Che Cosa Puo’ Un Corpo? - PHASE Collective - Manifattura Tabacchi; Firenze

2018 Music And Gender Equality - Nouvelle Collective & Resident Advisor - Base; Milano

2016 Sexual Range In The Electronic Music Scene - PHASE Collective - Spazio Materia; Prato